Committed To Environmental Responsibility

Solar Power

Our 450 rooftop solar panels can produce 54 kilowatts of electricity per hour.

The 54kW system will offset 97,564 pounds of CO2 per year and the other 9.9kW system will offset 12,647 pounds of C02 per year.



Our 1000 gallon biodiesel tank supplies all our diesel vehicles with this clean alternative fuel.

Cardboard & Paper Recycled

All wastepaper, cardboard scraps, shipping cartons and even newspapers are recycled.

Crating Lumber Recycled

Scrap crating lumber, used crates, and pretty much anything made of wood that is no longer needed is recycled.

Packing Material Recycled

Scrap packing materials, foam, plastic, and bubble wrap are all kept separate and recycled.