Atthowe Fine Art Services provides mount making services.  A “mount” or “armature” is a fixture that serves as a means to secure a three-dimensional object in the event of an accidental bump or the motion created by seismic activity.

It is typically fitted to an object in a visually non-obtrusive way and without compromising the surface or structural integrity of the object.  Fabricated of steel, brass or clear Plexiglas, it will cradle or secure to the object without fasteners, unless there are fasteners existing as part of the object that can be modified or re-purposed to assist in securing the mount.  The mount can then fasten to a display fixture such as a countertop base or a floor-standing pedestal or, sometimes, a wall.

The mount maker will meet with the client to discuss options and approaches suggested by the nature of a particular object, that is, the basic material; for example, marble, granite, stone, wood, bronze as well as non-traditional object-making materials, such as found objects or recycled materials.  The design should be simple yet function well enough to mitigate forces potentially compromising the integrity of the object.